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Luxury Lites Reward Program

What are the benefits of theLuxuryLites Reward Program?

As a LuxuryLites Rewards member, you earn a point for every dollars spent back in rewards on everything, except postage stamps. You can use your rewards like cash to make purchases at LuxuryLites.Com Plus, you’ll get free shipping on every LuxuryLites.Com orders that are of a minimum of $50.00 , There is no minimum order amount to earn points.

Is there a cost to join the Luxury Lites Reward Program?

No, there is not. Luxury Lites Reward Program is available only to LuxuryLites customers for orders placed online, customers have to be 18 years of age or older, with a valid mailing address and email address. Rewards are only granted for purchases made in our online store.

How do I earn Staples Rewards?

Simply place an order online, our system will calculate the earned point for you that can be used for your next order as cash either towards shipping or merchandise, for every dollar spent you earn a point, with no minimum orders, Rewards will be issued once you earn at least $5 in rewards within a calendar month. Reward balances of less than $5 roll over monthly and DO NOT expire

How will I receive my rewards?

The quickest and easiest way to receive your rewards is electronically via email; you will be notified of your earned points with the order details, also you can check your rewards balance once logged to your LuxuryLites.Com online account, All eligible rewards are issued instantly and available to redeem once your order is completed. Once logged in to LuxuryLites.com, choose View and Print Reward. 

How often are rewards issued?

Rewards are issued once orders are completed to members at LuxuryLites.Com and can be used once you reach a balance of 5 points, ($50 dollars) in spendings.

What is the spendings table rate for LuxuryLites rewards?

Luxury Lites Reward Program issues $3 in value for every earned (25 points, $50.00) That is a huge discount rate of your purchase with no minimum orders as you earn points for every dollar spent. Your earnings can be used towards shipping fees, store merchandise

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